Read only what matters around the world.

Less is more. Simple is better than complex. Our desire to read and be informed and learn more around us, every day, should be crisp and lean, yet informative and educative.

We designed KhoPhi from ground up, with a particular focus on speed and conciseness of content in mind. You read an entire article in 5 or less swipes.

KhoPhi provides a streamlined approach for writers to share only what matters; which in turn means readers consume only the most important bits of a story. Just the important stuff.

Ease of use across multiple platforms is essential, and KhoPhi makes it possible for you to access the website on any device, even when offline.

We believe through the use of KhoPhi, you will save time each day, reading only what matters, as short and informative as possible!

Here's how we make less of everything come true.

Less Followers

A limited number of acounts you can follow. Choose those you follow wisely

No Ads

No distractions. Only read and see the content; content you came for.

Less Load Times

Your Decks and pages do load in max of 2 seconds, tops. Very often, even instant.

No Apps

A website that works like a mobile app. Who needs a mobile app, then?

Less Junk

Only showing what matters, at any point in time. Just what matters.

Less 'Automagics'

No attempts to think for you. No suggestions. Just follow your heart. Be in control.